Jaguar Scout – Combine Notes/QBs


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I just got thru digesting the entire 2014 NFL combine. My head is still spinning. I sat with a notepad & took shorthand notes. I had the benefit of replay. I was also watching exclusively with the Jaguars needs in mind. Here are some evaluations of established players. Ones I liked and some that disappointed. I also project those who moved up my board, those who got on that impressed me, and players I’m projecting as potential undrafted free agents (UFA) that the Jags should invite if available. Let’s talk QB!

  • Johnny Manziel (6-0/207lbs) – Wish he had participated in all drills…Not surprised that he was the fastest QB, but I’m still impressed with the time. I absolutely LOVE that he showed up at the meeting with the Jags as Johnny Manziel, not “Johnny Football.” It is something the latest generation hasn’t embraced, and that is PROFESSIONALISM. He reportedly walked into the meeting, shook every hand, gave direct eye contact to everyone he addressed (another lost quality), and knew the names of every person in the room. He may have been coached, but doesn’t that merit a compliment more than cynicism?…For truly the first time, I can imagine taking him with the 3rd pick.
  • A.J. McCarron (6-3/220lbs) – My goodness…Who is this guy?…Much better arm than I anticipated…Easily the most accurate QB at the combine…Made every requested throw and made them properly…Easily overlooked because of Alabama’s running game but has been coached by a pro style coach for his college career…Thought he was another Jay Barker. Happy to admit I was wrong!…Could still be available in round three? Maybe.
  • Jordan Lynch (6-0/217lbs) – Very intriguing…Smallish but quick…Could use some technique work but has all the tools…Put up FREAKISH numbers at Northern Illinois, both throwing and running…Had 4.76 time in 40 so he must also be elusive…Nice project pick or possible UFA.
  • Teddy Bridgewater (6-2/214lbs) – Unlike Manziel, not participating I feel hurt him. He will still go early but with reservations…Gives off an amazing “Geno Smith” vibe…Measured shorter than anticipated…Slight build makes him appear fragile to me…Bridgewater will be available for the Jags at three…THE SHOULD NOT TAKE HIM!

Potential undrafted free agent QBs the Jags should consider:

  • Conner Shaw (6-0/206lbs) – Quick…Spurrier coached…project.
  • Logan Thomas (6-6/248lbs) – Big, physical QB…Ridiculously fast for his build…Big arm…MUST BE PROPERLY VETTED.

Thats all I’ve got on QB. One more thing…I found Blake Bortles to be frustratingly inaccurate…Just something that rubbed me wrong…I will be back soon with running backs…See ya!!!

Punchy from lack of sleep…Michael McDonald.

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