Jaguars Rookie Minicamp: A Couple Tryout Guys Impress


May 3, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars running back De

QB Kawaun Jakes may have had the stage at quarterback all to himself on Sunday, the last day of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ rookie minicamp, but he wasn’t singled out by head coach Gus Bradley, per  With just a couple workout guys likely to be signed to the 90 man roster, the Jaguars have to make their selections carefully.  As one workout guy moves in, another must be cut to make room.  But if a guy impresses, you’ve got to give him a shot.

Running back De’Leon Eskridge and defensive end J.D. Griggs may be given that shot.

The team has yet to announce if any of the workout guy will be brought on to the team, but Eskridge and Griggs were singled out by Bradley as possible players they are interested in.  Senior writer, John Oehser, outlines what Bradley had to say:

"“He (Eskridge) was a guy that showed up some and caught our attention,” Bradley said, adding of Griggs, “We closely watched him as well and he did some good things. I think he’s got some of the tools or traits that we’re looking for.”"

Oehser suggests that Griggs could be a Leo position candidate.  If he is then the Jaguars may be continuing to find some rotational gems for their defense outside of the NFL Draft and free agency.  Eskridge was given more opportunities than usual, just like Jakes, because fifth round pick Denard Robinson returned to the University of Michigan for graduation and missed Saturday and Sunday of minicamp.

Impressing in the NFL is difficult but there are success stories everywhere.  Starting as a tryout guy and working your way up is literally the bottom for an NFL player to start.  I hope that the Jaguars do find a couple players to add to the roster, whether Eskridge and Griggs or someone else, but it’s a tough road to the active roster.

– Luke N. Sims

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