Prowling The Web: Daily Jaguars Links 4/16


(h/t) mtiller

Will the second overall pick be a boon or a bust?  Vito Stellino ponders.

"What makes the Jaguars’ task more difficult this season is there isn’t a consensus No. 2 pick. Although general manager Dave Caldwell says he’s narrowed his list to two players, most scouts think it’s more wide open this year with no clear choice at the top of the draft."

USA Today gives the Jaguars Eric Fisher at number two overall

"When a rookie GM (Dave Caldwell) inherits a tattered roster, he’d better adhere to the “best player available” maxim. Fisher, who might even get the call from the Chiefs, theoretically improves QB Blaine Gabbert’s opportunity to finally succeed while making Maurice Jones-Drew an even more effective runner."

Houston is in the video board upgrade business too

"The Texans are in the process of installing the video boards, which will be ready for use in Houston’s first preseason game in August. Cowboys Stadium currently has the biggest screens, and Houston’s will be about 30 percent larger than those. The two new boards will be placed in each end zone."

What Mel Kiper Thinks the Jaguars need to do, courtesy of PK

"“Forget getting a ‘fix’ at quarterback. The Jags must deal with the reality that there is no player in this class I can promise will be better in 2013 than (Blaine) Gabbert. It’s just reality. That doesn’t mean don’t draft a QB, but at No. 2? No way. Instead, focus on big holes at corner and defensive end, where you can make clear upgrades in Round 1. I think cornerback is a huge need, but if they don’t want to draft one at No. 2 based on value, go with defensive end. But get better at one of those spots. (Trading down isn’t a bad idea, though a dance partner could be tough to find.)”"