NFL Mock Draft 2013: Jaguars Pick Geno Smith


Could Geno Smith be the future?  Source: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports’s weekly NFL Mock Draft has come out and the Jacksonville Jaguars finally get a quarterback.  West Virginia’s Geno Smith, the top ranked quarterback prospect, will be going to Jacksonville, largely due to the Kansas City Chiefs passing up on him in favor of Texas A&M offensive tackle, Luke Joeckel.

So, what does Josh Sanchez have to say about the pick?

"This pick could come as a surprise, but it wouldn’t be too shocking if the new coaching staff in Jacksonville wants to bring in their own signal-caller and give up on Blaine Gabbert experiment."

Based on what I’ve heard coming out of quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo, head coach Gus Bradley, and general manager Dave Caldwell, the Jags aren’t giving up giving up on Gabbert.  They certainly aren’t giving him any advantages, but they aren’t giving up on him.  Gabbert will be a part of the offseason open competition at quarterback.

Now, does this pick come as a surprise?  Not really.  There aren’t many viable competitors to push Gabbert out of the starting spot this offseason, so it makes sense that the Jags go after a quarterback that may actually be a starter in the league.  That said, with so many holes on both sides of the ball, it seems improbable that the Jags try to solve the quarterback problem when the odds are so much greater in solving the pass rushing problem.

Check out the full mock draft here.

– Luke N. Sims

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