Blaine Gabbert Will Be “Uncomfortable” Under Gus Bradley


I’m talking about making your life a lot more difficult.  You just don’t know it yet.  Source: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Competition is the key theme for Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley.  It’s about bringing in guys who can be competitive and constantly making the players have to strive for more.  Bradley expanded on that when he was speaking at the combine.  When asked about Gabbert and the open competition, Bradley had this to say:

"Not only at quarterback but throughout the whole team. I think our players will understand that. I think there will be a sense of discomfort with our players because we’ll be bringing in a lot of competition and it doesn’t matter what position. Obviously we feel good about some of the skill sets we have on the team but the only way we’ll truly get better is through competition and we’re going to bring that in."

It all sounds well and good, and Gabbert certainly has a lot to prove.  But will he respond well?

"I think he’ll respond very well. It’s hard because the only conversations we’ve had have been really general right now. We’ve tried to form our own opinion of Blaine by watching tape and until we get a chance to watch him on the practice field, we’re going to be excited about that. Thus far, our conversations at a personal level have been tremendous."

Unfortunately, in the NFL personality rarely helps you out if you can’t produce on the field.  Bradley may be the most nonchalant person I have ever seen speak when talking about making other people’s lives uncomfortable.  As we get closer and closer to players putting on pads and going out to prove themselves, it will start to sink in that the competition Bradley is talking about is real and will be tough.

I hope Gabbert does respond well, because it’s about time we had a good quarterback in Jacksonville and I’m tired of waiting.

– Luke N. Sims

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