NFL Combine 40 Yard Dash Does Not Predict NFL Success


Fanspeak published an interesting infographic on the 20th.  Can players move up and down based on their 40 yard dash time?  Sure.  But does is it actually indicative of success?  Check it out here:

Does Combine 40 Time Mean Success in the NFL? From

Of course the 40 yard dash holds different value for a position like cornerback compared to a position along the offensive line.  So, why make every position do the same test?  While it can give you a gauge as to how good the player is in comparison to those at the same position, it really does little to prove that the offensive guard will be a good guard in the NFL.

As we all know, workout warriors can be big stories at the combine, but it’s a good thing to temper some of the excitement when your job is to draft the best players available and filling the biggest need for your team.  While I’ll be stoked to see a 300+ pound lineman run a 4.8 40, it won’t be much better than Youtube fodder.

As the draft gets closer, we’ll have to see if someone does make an impression on Caldwell with a fast 40 or an impressive bench press.

– Luke N. Sims

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