sat down to talk with local media on February 15th sat down to talk with local media on February 15th

DeWayne Walker: The Jaguars Are On the Rise


New defensive backs coach DeWayne Walker sat down to talk with local media on February 15th and shed some light on how the Jaguars are looking from the perspective of a third party.  Walker couldn’t have said anything better.

This all relates to GM David Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley. According to Walker, the head coach at New Mexico State from 2009-2012, it was really the way they sold the organization to him.  “David Caldwell, the owner, and Gus, had a chance to meet with them and they sold me that this organization was on the rise,” Walker said when asked about leaving his head coaching position for a smaller position in the NFL.  While I think his 10-40 record as a head coach at NMSU may have had something to do with it as well, it is likely that Bradley was instrumental in bringing Walker’s talents to Jacksonville.

Walker coached with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll when they were both with the New England Patriots and called him up to see if Bradley was for real.  Once again, Carroll gave a rousing endorsement for Bradley and the work he will be doing with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Walker could be a big “get” for the Jaguars largely because a lot of Bradley’s defense in Seattle was dependent upon strong secondary play, a Pete Carroll specialty.  Walker may be “Carroll-light,” having coached defensive backs for Carroll in New England and USC.  It would be nice to see Dwight Lowery, Dawan Landry, Mike Harris, and Derek Cox really play at their top potential.  If the Jags are on the rise and Walker is a major part of that, then we may just see it.

– Luke N. Sims

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