The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new logo yeste..."/> The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new logo yeste..."/>

Jacksonville Jaguars New Logo: Hints Toward New Uniform Change


The Jags’ logo redesign could be speaking to the uniform change overall! Source: Jacksonville Jaguars Facebook.

The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new logo yesterday, and it’s an abrupt departure from the Jags’ past while still being similar enough to ensure that the new beginning has not lost its past.  We’ve all known the Jags are going to redesign their uniforms for the 2013 season for a while, so what can we learn about the new unis from the new logo?


  • The Jaguars went black in 2012 and it looked pretty good.  While there is some discussion about wearing black in the late summer and early fall months down in Florida, modern uniform technology probably won’t fail NFL athletes and the departure from the teal looked smoother and more bold.  So can we expect straight black in the uniform change?  I don’t think we will.  Black figures to be a predominant color, according to owner Shahid Khan, so expect it to be all over, but don’t be shocked to see a bit more accent colors than the team had in 2012.



  • But what about the teal?  The Jags kept teal as a color for the new logo, and even if its only on the helmet you can rest assured that the team is not abandoning its current tertiary color.  I imagine there will be some “tasteful” teal thrown on the uniform somewhere.  The teal was actually expanded on the logo to cover the nose and eyes as well as remaining on the tongue.  It wouldn’t be shocking to see the Jags put some more back onto the jerseys after eliminating it from everywhere with the 2012 shift.

Jaguar Print

  • Ever since Nike was handed the keys to NFL uniforms there has been speculation about teams’ new looks.  A lot of fan concepts for the Jags feature jaguar print either down the side, on the helmet, or in some pretty random spot.  The new logo has more defined jaguar spots on the head, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see it incorporated into the uniform at least a little bit.  While I’m inclined to think there likely won’t be any – it just wouldn’t look good and I doubt the television networks would be too thrilled – Nike has done some really wacky stuff in the past, so why not?

We’ll see as the Jags get set to reveal the new uniforms closer to April.

– Luke N. Sims

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