Maurice Jones-Drew – Mid-Foot Fracture, Competing


It wasn’t a Lis Franc injury.


The Florida Times-Union spoke with Maurice Jones-Drew on Januray 30th and, among other thing, talked to MJD about his foot.  He underwent surgery in late December.  There was some speculation that Jones-Drew had a Lis Franc injury which could have severely hampered his career, possibly ended it.  The Jacksonville Jaguars were very quiet about Jones-Drew’s injury, so it was nice to hear that it was just a mid-foot fracture.

That’s a load off the mind of many Jags fans who may not think that he could return and be competitive for 2013.

Some fans wouldn’t mind him being traded though.

But Jones-drew wants to stay in Jacksonville.  So far, things to be going alright. “I have a good vibe from everybody,” Jones-Drew told the Times-Union.  Further, MJD thinks that the Jaguars can compete.  This year could be the year.  But like he said, “…I feel like we’re going to win it.  That’s every year.”

Head coach Gus Bradley is pleased with MJD’s rehab work in Southern California while he is attending classes at UCLA.  He thinks that Jones-Drew could be a big part of the offense again and that the Jags should take it one day at a time during the contract year.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing him back helping the Jaguars to actually compete.

– Luke N. Sims

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