Geno Smith Favorite For #1 Overall, Per Report: Opens It Up For Jags at #2


A lot hinges on whether Kansas City wants Geno Smith at #1 overall or not.  Source:  Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Per Walter Football, the Kansas City Chiefs have their eye on Geno Smith with their #1 overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft.  After sitting out of the Senior Bowl and before the combine this may be a little premature, but it will give a much more solid foundation for future mock drafts and really open the door for the Jacksonville Jaguars at #2.

The source concedes it isn’t set in stone:

"4. My Chiefs’ source, who has a high success rate of delivering Kansas City’s first-round picks, told me Smith is currently the favorite to go No. 1 overall, but conceded that it’s still too early in the process. He said that the combination of Joeckel and Tyler Wilson is also a strong possibility."

Whether it’s set in stone or not, the Jags now have a conundrum on their hands.  Do they still think quarterback or do they guess at who the best defensive line player is going to be?

While there is a long way off, I can only see the Chiefs honing in on Smith as a good thing for the Jags.  What the Chiefs do with their pick has an effect on what the Jags do and if the best quarterback on the board becomes a lock at #1 then the Jags won’t have to worry as much about what KC intends to do.  While it would be nice of the Chiefs to leave Smith and do the Luke Joeckel/TylerWilson combo, top-rated quarterbacks are too valuable to pass up.

Patrick Allen at Arrowhead Addict likes taking Smith at #1 overall and I’m inclined to agree.  There’s too much uncertainty to pull off the Joeckel/Wilson move and if there’s one thing Andy Reid likes, it’s a good quarterback.

The Jaguars will really have to think about who they want at #2 if Smith isn’t available.  A quarterback like Wilson may be a reach, but if the Jags are serious about “fixing” the QB situation in this draft, then he may be the guy to take.  There’s a plethora of defensive linemen available and the Jags desperately need a reliable pass rush, but a player like Star Lotulelei may be too far ahead of his competition at defensive tackle to pass up.

We’ll see if KC changes its tune after the combine, but for now the Jaguars really have everything open to them if Smith is a lock at #1.

– Luke N. Sims

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