What’s Next: Jags Should Trade For Darrelle Revis


The New York Jets are shopping Darrelle Revis.

Yes, you read that right.

The management in New York thinks that shopping Revis is their smartest move this offseason.  For those of us who are fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars, this could be a second Christmas.

Revis’ contract is up in 2014 and the owner Woody Johnson doubts that he can re-sign Revis.  Revis missed the 2012 season with an ACL tear but should be back on his feet in time for the investment to be worth it.  Revis is scheduled to make $6 million in 2013, but he Jags have cap room.  He is widely regarded as a top corner (if not the top corner) in the NFL.  Wide receivers lining up opposite Revis are on “Revis Island” for the duration of the game and have been limited.  Revis intimidates quarterbacks with his superb play.

Name a player on the Jaguar defense that intimidates opposing quarterbacks.


The Jags should make an offer to New York as soon as possible for Revis.  With the oft-injured Derek Cox, atrocious play of Aaron Ross, and aging, declining Rashean Mathis on the Jags, it just makes sense to make a move for a better cornerback.  This year’s draft is not going to yield a Patrick Peterson and the Jaguars would be more than happy to have the top cornerback in the league on their team.  Jacksonville needs an upgrade and there is no better upgrade than this.  Later in the season, the Jaguars were starting rookie Mike Harris over its more “valued” veterans.

I don’t know how much it would cost (an arm and a leg no doubt) but the trade would be totally worth it to me.  Revis has been in the league for six seasons (two games in 2012) and has 19 picks and 97 passes defended.

There’s a lot of trade MJD for Mike Wallace talk, but how about trade MJD for Revis?  Or trade MJD and draft picks for Revis?

Like I said, I don’t know the cost but getting a seventh year player who is widely valued as the best in the game could be well worth it.

So, do we value building through the draft, or does new GM Dave Caldwell scrap it all for one great player?

What do you think?

– Luke N. Sims

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