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2013 NFL Mock Draft: The Jacksonville Jaguars Select…


Source: US-Presswire

…Barkevious Mingo, defensive end/outside linebacker, LSU.

"Editor’s Note: is doing a weekly mock 1st round draft.  As the NFL season nears completion and the draft order settles down it gets easier and easier to guess which teams will be looking at which players.  For the full mock, please click here."

This year’s draft promises to be defense and lineman heavy, as opposed to the last two years’ quarterback and skill player focus.  Mingo is going to be a prospect near the top of many draft boards.  According to Fansided’s Josh Sanchez:

"The Jaguars need to add playmakers on both sides of the ball and there is no one in this year’s draft class with more upside than Mingo. His rare size/speed/strength combination will make him attractive to teams at the top of the draft. In a year where defensive players will dominate the draft, Mingo may be the most naturally gifted pass rusher."

Mingo was redshirted his first year in 2009 and came in as a redshirt freshman in 2010.  While starting only one game he recorded 33 tackles and 3.5 sacks.  In 2011 he followed up that performance with 46 tackles and eight sacks.  This season he has 33 tackles and four sacks.  Most impressively, though, is the penetration he provides for LSU.  In 2011, Mingo had 15 tackles for a loss.  Over his college career he has 114 tackles, 26 tackles for a loss, and 14.5 sacks.

For the Jaguars, Mingo could be a strong force off the line that disrupts plays by attacking the offensive linemen.  As outlined brilliantly by Zain Gowani, the Jaguars desperately need players that can win one on one battles in the trenches and disrupt plays.  Mr. Sanchez believes that Mingo can be that guy.

To get some better looks, let’s analyze the positives and negatives in a game against Oregon in 2011:

What do you guys think?  Is Mingo worth the second pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, or are there better candidates?

– Luke N. Sims