Scobee, Scobee, Scobee


Word on the street is that Josh Scobee won’t be holding out into the regular season.  This is a good thing for the Jaguars since the team is heavily reliant on Scobee’s leg and good special teams play in general.  The Jaguars have done well creating very good special teams units in the past.  Whether it’s Kassim Osgood, Montell Owens, or Adam Podlesh the Jags seem to accumulate top-level talent at special teams positions.

The problem?  The Jags can’t seem to hold onto that talent.

Last year the Jaguars had some major struggles after Podlesh the Punter was signed away in free agency.  Matt Turk didn’t quite fit the bill and the Jaguars were forced to pick up Bryan Anger (as good as he is!) in the third round of the draft.  Now, the other big leg is holding out after being slapped with the franchise tag.

The good news?  Scobee is a high character guy and won’t be holding out into the season:

"“I don’t want to miss games or anything like that. That’s just not me, that’s not me as a person. I’m not going to sit out or anything like that. … I don’t want anybody doing my job. That’s been my job for the last 8 years."

Scobee’s leg has provided a number of great moments for the Jags in the past and it promises more to come.  I’ll be happy to have him back on the field whenever he wants to be out there.  He has yet to rule out skipping training camp, but to know that he will be on the field for the regular season is a comfort to all of us Jag fans.

Scobee, your message has been sent loud and clear.  Play hard and let the front office take care of you whenever they get around to it.

– Luke N. Sims

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