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2012 Jacksonville Jaguars – Bringing Sexy Back!


In Lionel’s first article for the site, he wrote about sexy vs sensible picks.  Not every pick is going to be that guy who draws thousands of fans to the stadium to see play.  Bryan Anger definitely wasn’t a sexy pick, even if he was the sexiest punter.  Some may argue that Anger wasn’t even a sensible pick. That’s fine, that’s their opinion.  But through this offseason, the Jags have become considerably more sexy.

Laurent Robinson, Aaron Ross, even Lee Evans make the Jaguars a considerably more “sexy” team in the eyes of the fans and the league.  Maybe not Kate Upton sexy, but definitely much better looking.  Laurent Robinson isn’t quite Larry Fitzgerald or Julio Jones, but he has some skills, runs his routes well, and fills a very big need for the Jaguars.  Ross adds great depth or starter talent at the outside corner spot, and Evans could have a resurgence as a wide receiver.  That, or he will provide a mentorship role for the younger receivers on the squad (read: every receiver the Jags have).

Definitely not the sexiest free agency period, but combine it with the draft, and suddenly the Jags look like a 10.

Justin Blackmon was the sexiest pick of the draft.  Period.  Andrew Luck and RGIII were all but set at #1 and #2 but neither of them were picked because they were the sexiest player in the class (though RGIII came close), they filled needs for the Colts and Redskins and are very good quarterbacks.  Beyond that, not much.  Trent Richardson is a bruiser, but some questioned whether he should have been a top five or ten pick.  Matt Kalil is a lineman, great pick, but nothing flashy.

Then you have Blackmon.

The kid has some serious game.  He catches the ball superbly, he has great body control and balance, and his ability to outplay defenders should not be underestimated.  In college he lit of scoreboards and highlight reels.  He made Brandon Weeden look like an All-Pro quarterback at Oklahoma State.  He has an easy smile, he’s easy to get along with by all accounts, and he has a cool confidence that just oozes out of him whether he is on the field or in a suit doing a presser.

The Jags followed Blackmon up with DE Andre Branch.  Branch is the kind of guy you want on your team because you know that whoever he runs into he is going to punish.  If he doesn’t get to the quarterback, he is going to make the opposing lineman wish he’d switch to the side of the line.  He’ll make the opposition want to take a breather.  Not the top ranked defensive end or defensive line talent in the draft, Branch looks and acts the part of a top NFL talent.  Watch some of his college tape, he’s got a sexiness that is only seen on the field.

Even if you don’t like picks 3-6 (we didn’t have a fourth rounder), the first two plus free agency will bring some serious attention to Jacksonville.  Maybe this year the Jags won’t be the small market team experiencing fan loyalty problems in Flordia.

Maybe this year the Jags are bringing sexy back (yeah).

– Luke N. Sims