Why Mike Mularkey will be the Jaguars next Head Coach


What is it the Jaguars need right now in a Head Coach? You already know the answer, someone who can revive the offense.  If we can keep Mel Tucker as Defensive Coordinator (and I think we will), the next guy MUST have a proven record in offensive development.  He probably will also have head coaching and playoff experience. The selection from the college ranks doesn’t work very often.

This is why I think Mike Mularkey is a top candidate and probably THE candidate for the job.

Mike is the current Offensive Coordinator for Mike Smith in Atlanta. When Mike Smith got the job in 2008 he immediately hired Mike Mularkey as Offensive Coordinator and turned Matt Ryan over to him. Since that time the Atlanta Falcons have been in the top 10 for offensive yards 3 of the 4 years (2008 – 6th, 2009 – 13th, 2010 – 5th, currently 10th). You saw what happened to us on Thursday night. Tell me you didn’t wish we had that offense.

Mike Mularkey led Kordell Stewart and the Pittsburgh Steelers  in 2001 to 3rd in offensive yards and 7th in total points. In 2002 it was Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox combination for a 5th in total yards and 8th in total points. Try leading that combination.

In 2004 he became the Buffalo Bills Head Coach. The Bills went 0-4 and scored 10, 10, 17 and 14 points.  Then it began to click and the Bills started on a fantastic scoring streak. They scored 20 against the Dolphins, 6 against the Ravens, 38 against the Cardinals, 22 against the Jets, 6 against the Patriots, and in the final 7 games scored 37, 38, 42,37, 33, 41 and 24. No Jack Del Rio conservative game planning there!

In 2005 the Bills lost Drew Bledsoe, the Bills and Mularkey struggled. Mikeended the season in a dispute with GM Marv Levi and left the team. Nick Saban hired him for the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator in 2006 and he tried to make Joey Harrington and Duante Culpepper and Cleo Lemon into top QBs. It didn’t work. After that, Mike Smith called.

Mike Mularkey has worked with good quarterbacks and bad quarterbacks. He has designed offenses that are balanced. He has worked for Mike Smith very well and Mike would probably speak very well of him to the Jaguars decision team.  If Gene Smith and Wayne Weaver are sold, Shad Kahn will be too. The connection and fit is all there. Pete Prisco may think Jay Gruden is qualified but the Jaguar management won’t. Mike Mularkey is the kind of guy they are looking for.

I say bring in Mike Mularkey, let Dirk Koetter go and keep Mel Tucker. We will have everything we need for the future. Maybe even a quarterback.