THE OTHER 31: NFL Power Rankings, Week 2

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#21. [19] St. Louis Rams (0-3): Bradford can move the ball, but the Rams are going to need a strong running game (aka healthy SJax) to sort out their red zone issues. They should have played the Giants a lot closer than they did Monday Night.

#22. Arizona Cardinals (1-2): Beanie Wells is running hard and looking consistent, Kevin Kolb is moving the chains, and Larry Fitzgerald is a very happy man with a new contract and a quarterback that looks like the real deal. If only they could get that defense sorted out…

#23. San Francisco 49ers (2-1): They fought hard, but Romo wanted (needed) the win more than anyone on the 49ers did.  Alex Smith staved off his replacement for awhile longer, but it’s only a matter of time before Kaepernick joins the rookie party. 

#24. [22] Miami Dolphins (0-3): Nope, back to the same ole Henne. At least they learned to stop giving Reggie Bush the ball between the tackles.

#25. [28] Denver Broncos (1-2): Can’t say I’m that impressed by a win at home over Cincinnati, but Willis McGahee had a nice renaissance game, rushing for 100 yards for the first time since 2009. And young Timmy Tebow made quite the regular season debut…as a blocker……..heh……heh…….BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!

#26. [28] Carolina Panthers (1-2): It really doesn’t matter if they lose all 16 games; Carolina fans will be buying tickets to the Cam Show all season long.

#27. [27] Minnesota Vikings (0-3): Freeman does it again with yet another late comeback! McNabb does it again with another late collapse!

#28. [30] Cincinnati Bengals (1-1): I’m liking the Andy Dalton to AJ Green connection. Two guys that can play ball with clean records…kinda seems like they’re on the wrong team.

#29. [25] Indianapolis Colts (0-3): Couldn’t look worse if they tried. The whole facade of this franchise has now been gleefully exposed and with Polian’s recently horrendous drafting, it looks like Peyton’s replacement will be as bad as the rest of his teammates.

#30. [24] Kansas City Chiefs (0-3): Well, Todd – you are officially screwed now. So much for brazenly telling fantasy owners that suggest you get Jamaal Charles more carries to f-off and lick the dirt off your feet, because that strategy did exactly nothing to keep Charles fresh and on the field this year. That’s just 6.9 yards less per carry you were getting. I wouldn’t apply for any kind of team consulting job anytime soon, after you’re fired mid-season.

#31. [31] Cleveland Browns (2-1): Who thought they’d see the day where the Browns could beat the Colts and it wouldn’t change their ranking? BECAUSE IT JUST HAPPENED.

#32. [32] Seattle Seahawks (1-2): If you’re a Seahawks fan, what are you excited about this year? The micro-beer on tap at the stadium? The fact that the #12 jersey is retired in your honor? Now I understand why there are so many Sounders fans.

– Andrew Hofheimer