THE OTHER 31: NFL Power Rankings, Week 2

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#11. [11] Houston Texans (2-1): They’ve looked like a top 10 team all along – I’m not saying they haven’t. But allowing 23 points in the 4th quarter to blow the lead ain’t gonna get you on page 1, Mr. Kubiak.

#12. [9] San Diego Chargers (2-1): Sure, they lost to a really good Patriots offense, but there’s something about the Chargers that seems to lack the discipline and poise to make that final breakthrough. They’ve beaten plenty of good teams in the Norv Turner era, but when they get a case of the turnovers like they did Sunday, it’s a potent reminder of how many times the extremely talented Chargers teams of the last few years have found ways to flub what should be a run of true dominance.

#13. [13] Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): The Bucs look good when Legarrett Blount is running hard and Josh Freeman is comandeering 4th quarter comebacks. At least they look good on TV – no one knows how it looks from the stadium. OOOooooohhhhhhh!!!!! #flippedthescript

#14. [14] Dallas Cowboys (2-1): Conditions in which Tony Romo cannot close out a win/come from behind: the Cowboys are trailing in the 4th quarter, the Cowboys are leading in the 4th quarter, it’s the month of December or January, she’s a brunette and/or had higher than a 7 on the Wonderlic.

#15. [15] New York Giants (2-1): You won, Giants, but I have some serious doubts about you and your once-vaunted pass rush (which is supposed to stop opponents’ passing game – not allow 330 yards to a 2nd year QB throwing to guys named Mike Sims-Walker and Denario Alexander).

#16. [20] Buffalo Bills (3-0): DUUUUDE, what is NOT to like about the Bills? This is a fun team to root for because #1 – they’re a small market underdog and #2 – they have no defense to speak of and run the spread, so every game they play ends up being a shoot out. #thewaygoodellwantsit

#17. [17] Washington Redskins (1-2): There might be something to this team with the most racially offensive mascot in American sports. Rex Grossman might just becoming into his (disgruntled) own  – pretty defensive guy for a quarterback. Fantasy Warning: stay away from this backfield! MIKE SHANAHAN HAS NOT CHANGED!

#18. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2): The Jags are a little further behind than we originally thought. It turns out the Blaine Gabbert era was never that far away in the first place and Jack Del Rio has decided the team needs  a spark in the passing game. If Gabbert can get it together, the Jags could be a potent team with a strong rushing attack and currently top 5 defense.

#19. [26] Tennessee Titans (2-1): And the Titans are a little better off than we originally thought. Whether that was Tennessee picking up the slack from last week or Baltimore underplaying after an emotional win against Pittsburgh is unknown at this point. CJ2K predicted another 2000 yard season, which is looking like a tall order with only 77 yards on the ground through two weeks.

#20. [18] Oakland Raiders (2-1): The Raiders played in the game of the week and held the lead til the 4th quarter, but the only reason the game was interesting was because they gave up an 18 point half lead and 38 points and almost 500 total yards to the Bills. Oof.