Final Mock Draft, 2011

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Let’s be sure to understand one thing: This is not how I would draft. This is how I think the teams will draft.

One other thing, I’m going to win this Mock Draft Competition!

1. Carolina Panthers

QB, Cam Newton, Auburn

I would ideally trade down and get Leonard Hankerson with my second pick. If I’m stuck with this selection, I would go with DT Marcel Dareus from Alabama. Carolina and I are not one in the same. They are going to abide by this rule: If you draft first and don’t have a Pro Bowl QB, then you take your best shot at getting one. Newton actually might be great, but he is very risky. I would stay away.

2. Denver Broncos

DT, Marcel Dareus, Alabama

I’ve seen pee-wee football teams stop the run better than the Broncos defense. Dareus comes in and helps put an end to that. Need and value collide.

3. Buffalo Bills

DT, Nick Fairley, Auburn

The Bills are switching to a they-don’t-know front on defense. They seem to want the 34 defense and also want the 43. Fairley is in contention for the first overall pick and the Bills get excellent value here. I’ll speak Southern to describe Fairley: “that boy can put a whoopin on inbody”. Great 34 end or 43 3-tech.

4. Cincinatti Bengals

QB, Andy Dalton, TCU

OOOH! The first wild call. Dalton is perfect for West Coast and the Bengals o-coordinator is apparently enamored with him. I see Dalton as a top-15 pick and then I imagined the fuss over Carson Palmer not playing in 2011 (he isnt). Since this is a no-trade mock, the Bengals get there guy at #4. Franchise QB trumps all.

5. Arizona Cardinals

CB, Patrick Peterson, LSU

The Cardinals really need any spot on defense. Peterson is in contention for the first overall pick and he is available at 5. Might as well stock up on talent while you can. Who cares if Peterson plays safety in 3 years (people say that). He’s a hall of fame athlete and an above average cornerback.

6. Cleveland Browns

WR, AJ Green, GA

I bet nobody else has this. In my mock, positional value was favored in with the clubs and I really think that will happen. Cleveland, however, is in love with their quarterback. I can see them really wanting to help him out.

7. San Francisco 49ers

LB Von Miller, Texas A&M

Horrible secondary. Horrible Pass Rush. Miller is the better player between Amukamara, or that’s what we’re told to believe here.

8. TN Titans

QB, Jake Locker, Washington

I don’t even wanna talk about how awfully they have handled the Vince Young situation. They now have no one. Locker can be a star and was in the running for the #1 pick last year. Athletic, smart, big arm: these are the traits that will get him drafted high.

9. Dallas Cowboys

CB, Jimmy Smith, Colorado

This prevents them from actually becoming the worst secondary in the league. I know you’re thinking they go OT, but their secondary is in much worse shape. Smith is a top-10 talent but for character reasons he will drop. Dez Bryant anyone?

10. Washington Redskins

QB, Blaine Gabbert, Mizzou

I can’t tell you how much I disagree with this pick but it will happen (in this scenario).

11. Houston Texans

CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

I guarantee you this is the only mock with Prince after Jimmy Smith. Regardless, the Texans will hire Usain Bolt to, well, “bolt” to the podium with this card. The top-3 corners in this draft are absolute “shut-down” guys. It’s impressive to see. More than likely I do have them out of order but A) that’s no fun and B) Jerry Jones is not a conformist. Jimmy Smith really is that good.

12. Minneosota Vikings

QB, Ryan Mallet, Arkansas

Not a doubt in my mind. First off, they are desperate. Secondly, he will be great. I don’t have a third reason so don’t poke fun here. No mocking the mock, ok? That would just be silly.

13. Detroit Lions

DE, Robert Quinn, North Carolina

They finish their line with an explosive player that will cause havoc. That’s what the official website will say. I like Quinn over Miller. Texans might would take him in this scenario. It’s just that whole,”hey you’re gonna stand up now” thing is never a great idea.

14. St. Louis Rams

WR, Julio Jones, AL

I got stereotypical, but they really need help here. They should get another one in the second round too. Their lines could use help as well.

15. Miami Dolphins

QB, Colin Kaepernick, Nevada

So, how pissed are the Jaguars fans right now? I like Henne, but I’m the only one.

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