Final Mock Draft, 2011

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16. Jacksonville Jaguars

DE, Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

Hands down the best defensive end in the draft. Drops because arms are “too short” and various other reasons that aren’t worth paying attention to. Here’s what you need to know. The guy is awesome. He was considered a top-10 pick last year. He stayed in school (Gene-trait). He is cleared medically. There is no concern. The End.

17. New England Patriots

DE, JJ Watt, Wisconsin

Great fit. Where are the O-linemen?

18. San Diego Chargers

DE, Cameron Jordan, California

Work that 34 defense with a great talent.

19. NY Giants

OG, Mike Pouncey, Florida

The line is getting old and Pouncey is a great value here. Look for Steelers to trade to about here if Pouncey is still available.

20. Tampa Bay Bucs

DE, Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue

It’s a well-known fact that the Bucs could use some help rushing the passer. Kerrigan is a fine prospect that will do just that, and then some. Kerrigan in one word: disruptor.

21. KC Chiefs

NT, Phil Taylor, Baylor

Their young and almost stellar defense needs a centerpiece. Nose tackle is what Phil Taylor was born to be. Who knows? Maybe he helps Tyson Jackson.

22. Indy Colts

LT, Nate Solder, Boston College

No explanation necessary. Talent value is around here-ish.

23. Philadelphia Eagles

DT, Marvin Austin, UNC

Top-15 talent but he got in trouble. Regardless, the Eagles get someone not named “Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado” and begin to have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Along with one of the best defensive line coaches in Jim Washburn, formerly of the Titans.

24. Nawlins Saints

RB, Mark Ingram, Alabama

Face it, they beat up Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush is a distractor. They need a real runningback. Coincedentally, Ingram reminds me of Duece.

25. Seattle Seahawks

OT, Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

Contrary to popular belief, the Seahawks do not need a QB in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft. That means they will probably trade up to get one after trading picks for their backup QB. However, I’m holding out hope that they traded picks last year with reason and that they stand to improve their line so as to not endanger Matt Hasselbeck’s life as well as help their new stalwart—RB Marshawn Lynch.

26. Baltimore Ravens

WR, Leonard Hankerson, Miami

I’m probaly wrong, but I let myself vote on this one and it makes sense. Value and Need both make sense in my world.

27. Atlanta Falcons

DE, Da’Quan Bowers, Clemson

Yes, he was still available. I don’t like him. We’re going off my scouting for this mock. Bowers was not only a one-hit wonder, his sacks were comparable to garabage time. The reason he is going this high is because he has a great motor that will make plays but he is no Pro-Bowl pass-rusher.

28. New England Patriots

LT, Derek Sherrod, Miss State

Bill Belicheck is laughing. He just got the best LT in the draft. I know that he won’t go much higher than this on a good day, that’s why he is this far down the charts.

29. Chicago Bears

DT, Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple

I love this guy. Great DT and should probably go top-20 or higher. The reason he falls is that he played lesser competition in college.

30. New York Jets

Rush-Backer (OLB in 34) Akeem Ayers, UCLA

Ayers is at his best rushing the passer. They know to let him do that, primarily. His LB experience will help in other areas of this position.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers

DT, Corey Liuget, Illinoiss

Obvoisly more talented than some players taken above here, but that happens in the draft. Liguet fell because teams had “needs”.

32. Green Bay Packers

Rush Backer, Aldon Smith, Missouri

Yeah, he really fell in my mock. I must admit, I originally had him going to San Diego at 18. Things happen. It’s the Draft….

Go Ahead, rip it up. I took risks in this on purpose. I want to win the prize.

There isn’t one, but the metaphorical crown that you get when you win the mock draft at Black and Teal.