Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, The Draft Study

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The Pistol Offense

This will be Kaepernicks’ largest hurdle to jump over (so the majority say), if he has not jumped it over already through one-on-one interviews with the teams. You hear a lot bout the “spread” offense and how it ruins QB’s before college by stunting their development and preventing development. By the time they are in the NFL, they have got to learn what exactly a pro-syle offense is. Kaepernick will have an issue similar to this. Does the “Pistol” limit him more than the spread? I don’t believe so. Let’s learn what it is.

As you can see, it’s like an almost shotgun mixed with single back standing real close to the QB.

Yahoo! Sports breaks down the pistol:

"When the pistol works, it’s the best of both worlds for Nevada: Both I-formation and spread, both old and new school. Ultimately, however, there’s only so much magic in simply putting your running back behind your quarterback — that’s not exactly a novel proposition. What has made Nevada dynamic offense go has been Ault and his staff’s ability to teach these schemes and to adjust week-to-week. Without getting all Bill Callahan in a restricted space, Nevada actually has one of the most diverse playbooks in terms of the number of different blocking schemes; it’s something they have developed to stay ahead of the game."

Click the link for a very good article.

Now, it sounds to me that this is an advantage. He had to learn a lot and proved that he could. On to the video…