Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, The Draft Study

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As points out, Kaepernick started his first game in 2007 as a redshirt freshman. You can see the stats here (ESPN).

A few 2010 excerpts:

Nevada went 12-1 in 2010 under Kaepernick’s leadership. I realize that first and foremost this is a team sport, but the QB is the most vital piece of any team.

Kaepernick threw for over 250 yards 5 times, including a game against Boise State.

Kaepernick only had 3 games with less than 10 rush attempts

Kaepernick had 5 games of over 100 yards rushing, including 4 of 148 yards or more

His TD Totals for 2010: 20 passing and 20 rushing

His turnover totals for 2010: 7 INT and 0 fumbles

An excerpt from a Yahoo! article by Doug Farrar:

"The only player in NCAA history with more than 4,000 rushing yards and 10,000 passing yards in his collegiate career, Kaepernick has a demon arm that can throw 95-mph fastballs in baseball, and his 4.4 speed is especially impressive given his size (6-foot-5, 233 pounds). Playing in the Pistol offense under Nevada head coach Chris Ault, the lightly-recruited Kaepernick got the hang of the quarterback position in a system that relies much more on play action and traditional rushing concepts than the usual spread option schemes."

I hope you realize that you’re looking at a bigger, stronger, faster version of Pat White. One more tidbit, I have read on multiple articles that Kaepernick has the “potential” to jump way up in the first round and be this years Tyson Alualu. This means he was never ranked as low as most media members had him. It’s funny that the combine drills are almost more for the media than the actual franchises. They’ve watched all the flim. They know who he is.

Kaepernick was originally looked at as a mid to late 2nd round pick. As you saw on the first page, he was just mocked to the Jaguars at pick 16 in the first round. This is all after the football season. He is what he is. He did not change, he simply got exposure. Let’s look at his unique offense and then get some video in.