Black and Teal’s Official Mock Draft for the Jaguars

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Jeffery Dahmer

Dahmer is the definition of swagger and bad-assedness.  He is never afraid to break the rules, and is constantly thinking outside of the box.  He will become the Ray Lewis of our defense, feasting on opposing quarterbacks.  Plus with Dahmer on board, we will never have issues with making room on the roster for new additions.

With one final selection remaining in the draft, the Jaguars really only have one more need to fill. While Everbank Field is packed every game day with the passionate and football savvy fans of the team, a disturbingly large portion of the city is either disinterested or supports another team (gaytors).  Sadly, the echoes of incestual cretins shouting, “Draft Tebow” can still be heard throughout the town.  We need to be able to contain and dispose of all the dumb sh*t that is aimed towards our Jaguars, and for that reason, with the 182nd pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select…