Black and Teal’s Official Mock Draft for the Jaguars

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The safety crew at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

While my first choice was obviously the crew at Chernobyl, they are all either dead or completely crippled by radiation-induced cancer.  So I was forced to go with BASC (Best Available Safety Crew).  If these guys can prevent all of Japan from becoming a radioactive wasteland, I have to believe they can keep our team from sh*tting their pants during the last four games of the season.  Sure, they may dump millions of tons of radioactive water into the St. Johns River and will likely only live for another year at most, but next year is our year to win it all.

I cannot speak for you guys, but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the sparkling choir boys that Gene Smith has been bringing in.  Is this an NFL team, or a summer camp?  The Jaguars need an edge, they need an attitude, they need a balls-to-the-wall player whose off the field persona can translate into game time ferocity.  This will all be achieved when with the 147th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select…