THE OTHER 31: Week 2

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#11. (14) Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0): Hopefully the Steel Curtain can pin teams down for a few more weeks until Therapist Roethlisberger forces his way back into the lineup and solves the scoring issues.

#12. (9) Atlanta Falcons (0-1): A fashionable preseason pick for the Super Bowl, but sure didn’t play like it. The Falcons put up an offensive performance as bland as Matt Ryan.

#13. (10) San Francisco 49ers (0-1): A pretty disappointing loss to division rival Seahawks. Last time they got their butts handed to them by Seattle, things got pretty ugly.

#14. (12) San Diego Chargers (0-1): Their O-line is mediocre and without Pro-Bowler Marcus McNeill, they weren’t getting pressure on Matt Cassell, and they had trouble in kick coverage, surrendering a return TD to rookie Dexter McCluster…sounds ripe for an upset.

#15. (18) New York Giants (1-0): Many questions to be answered about this team. What’s their identity? Are there any traces of the defense that pulled off the upset of the century? Manning Bowl Sunday night will reveal much about both of the Manning Bros.’ squads.

#16. (17) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0): There are a lot of exciting building blocks from Sunday’s game. Dominant special teams, good protection, efficient passing, and a live pass rush. Fans wait with baited breath to see if the Jags have the potential to be as competitive as Gene Smith and JDR claim they can be.

#17. (20) Tennessee Titans (1-0): Well, in somewhat good news, Chris Johnson’s 142 yards Sunday puts him 14 behind pace to reach his goal of 2500 yards rushing this season.

#18. (16) New York Jets (0-1): Toothless, poiseless win. The only positive we can say here is Revis didn’t miss a beat in that holdout that cost Tannenbaum about 40% of his hair. Bravado, nomado. Prove it, loudmouths.

#19. (15) Philadelphia Eagles (0-1): Nice job, Philly. Two quarters into the season and you’ve got yourself a Quarterback controversy. McNabb sounds like a broken man from years of playing for these heckling monsters. It’s over before it started with Kolb, but probably for his own good.

#20. (22) Chicago Bears (1-0): Can’t expect the rulebook to bail you out every week. The Martz Offense has a steep learning curve, so there’s still plenty of upside for Cutler and Crew.