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The Jaguars defensive line has been called out to produce. With Ryan Clady out in the first game, how good is the offensive line? Do you worry about it?

"Ryan Clady plays a big role in what the Broncos are trying to do, especially if Orton or Quinn are starting. If left handed, Tebow, is playing, then there’s obviously less pressure on the left tackle, and right tackle, Ryan Harris, becomes that much more important.  I do worry about it right now because it’s a source of unknown talent. Zane Beadles (Utah) will get the nod at left guard in his pro debut. It looks like rookie J.D. Walton (Baylor) will be starting at center. Then, we have Chris Kuper returning at offensive guard.  The Broncos went from a zone blocking scheme to a power blocking scheme last year, and it’s something that needs to be worked on. Rushing production was down from 2008 and it put limitations on our offense."

Chris Kuper is an excellent right guard, the Jaguars should be so lucky. A rookie center? A rookie left guard? A second string left tackle starting? OK, let me get this said, if the Jaguar defense fails to get past rookies in their rushing ability, dump your season tickets and tell the team to move to LA. Seriously, if a rookie line is better than the Jaguars defensive front, we have fallen so far we are beyond hope. I hope someone from the Jaguar front office is reading this. “This is a perfect opportunity to win the game”. Take advantage of it.