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How would a team beat the Denver Broncos?

"At this point in time, I’d say get to the Broncos QB. Of the three (Orton, Quinn, and Tebow), not one of them has shown that they can produce under pressure. The offensive line is beat up right now, so I think there’s opportunity to be able to put pressure on the QB.  In the later part of last season, teams could predict what Kyle Orton was going to do. More than half (56%) of Orton’s passes went for 10 yards or less. Orton rarely ran out of the shotgun. The Broncos stuck to this game plan and again, didn’t make adjustments to what was not working. Hence, the three and outs and failure to score in the red zone was frustrating. Getting to Orton (or whomever) will enable the opposition to control the clock and tire the Denver defense. After all, there’s only so much a defense can do to win the game without help from the offense."

Joe Cullen’s dream come true. If ever there was a reason to get Tyson Alualu signed and in camp, this is it. Pressure up the middle, pressure from the side, pressure from everywhere is the answer. With Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox back there and is Reggie can learn to wrap people up, we have the makings of a very fun opening day game!