What happened with these guys? Grading Gene Smith (Part I)

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Tony Pashos:

Source: Yardbarker

Tony was a classy guy outside the field but even that could not keep him with the team. He was outplayed by 2nd round choice Eben Britton so he was cut. Tony found a new team for himself; the San Fransisco 49ers days after he was released by the Jaguars. He played 5 games; started at 1.

In Week 5; against the Houston Texans; Pashos broke his left shoulder blade; and was placed on IR. (When the Jaguars played the 49ers later last season; he was welcomed by all his old teammates; and coaches. As I said Tony is a classy guy. I wish we could forget all the false start penalties… He signed with he Browns for this season; we will see if he can make the roster.

Grade for letting him go: B+