What happened with these guys? Grading Gene Smith (Part I)

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Matt Jones:

Source: Yardbarker

Now he is an interesting case. He was by far the best Jaguars WR in 2008 which is I know was not a big deal; but hey; he had value because of that. But a failed drug test after a party with his friends on a golf course resulted in a release by Gene. And dispite rumors about joining the Titans or other team; Matt Jones gig not see NFL action in 2009. He recently signed with the Cincinnati Bengals; and if he is still in shape; I think he might make the final roster. I give him the same grade I gave for Reggie Williams; but that can chance this year. I’m really intereted about how Matt will perform with his new team. Has he changed? Did he start to have a professional kind of mentality; or is he the same old “I care more about basketball and hanging out with my posse more then footbal” guy.

Grade for letting him go: A (* the grade can change this year!)