What happened with these guys? Grading Gene Smith (Part II)

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 +1 special case – Jimmy Kennedy:

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I must write about 1 more player who was not released by Gene but was waived in the Shack Harris era. I agree he was not a big thing over here in the couple of games he played as a jaguar in 2008 (played 6 games; recorded 5 tackles and a sack). He signed with the Viking in ’08 for 2 games; but did nothing special; and was a FA during the 2009 off-season; the Viking decided to sign him. In 2009; he played 13 games; with 1 starts; recorded 18 tackles; and 3 sacks (as a backup- he almost would have been the sack leader of the Jaguars with that number). He was a substitute; that you could count at the position. He played both postseason games as well; and recorded 1 sack against Dallas. He was a free agent after ’09 but the Vikings already but re-signed him. With a team who has such a great D-line; they resigned him twice. That alone shows; it was a wrong decision not to keep him on the roster. Grade for letting him gone: C-

 Now I’m certainly interested how more of these players will perform in the new season (I will keep on eye especially on Matt Jones; Florence; Fred Taylor; Sensabaugh; and Mike Peterson) can change their grade one way or another. I’m curious also how the recently departed (Derek Landri; Torry Holt; John Henderson; Brian Iwuh; Clint Ingram, and Quentin Groves) will perform in 2010. Other then Sensabough; Mike Peterson; and Jimmy Kennedy (Fred has a special place; and I wish him all the best) I have no bad feeling or doubt of the ex-Jaguars players. We will see in the new season; if any of them cause regret for not being with the team.  

– Zoltan Paksa