What happened with these guys? Grading Gene Smith (Part II)

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 Gerald Sensabaugh:

Source: Yardbarker

Now here we have a little controversial release. Yeah Gerald made a dumb thing; to let this happen; he was arrested in February of 2009, charged with speeding and carrying a firearm without a permit. (I name it; an AK-47 rifle). That is everything opposite Gene Smith wants to see from a player. So the GM cut Sensy. Later he agreed to terms on a one-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Well and here is the controversy. I showed in my “Secondary preview” article; how bad the safety position looked and looks still. Here is a player who can play in a high level. He recorded around the same numbers in Dallas as he did in Jacksonville (played and started 15 games; recorded 66 tackles; 8 PDs; and 1 interception –he has 4 in ’08 as a jaguar) which was considered as solid performance. I don’t exactly call his release a mistake (His horrible play against Minnesota during the divisional playoff round; which ended up as a 47 yard TD pass from Brett Favre to Sidney Rice sure helps to boost that statement) but often fans missed a player in his caliber from the secondary. He most likely will return for the Cowboys in ’10; even he will play against his former team this year; so we can all eyewitness; will he improve as a player or stay the same level (or decline) in 2010? Grade for letting him gone: C-

Mike Peterson:

Source: Yardbarker Well we all know why Mike has no return to the Jaguars from the ’09 campaign. His clash with head coach Jack Del Rio burned every bridge for a possible return. So he went straight to his old coach; Mike Smith in Atlanta; and became a force in that defense. Mike was often injured in the last years with Jaguars. Not in 2009! He played and started all 16 games. And he has his best year since 2005! Recorded over 100 tackles (109); 1 sack; 1 interception; 2 forced fumbles; and 7 PDs; he became the leader in Atlanta he was in Jacksonville. A lock at the MLB position and a leader at the defense; which the Jaguars did not have in 2009 (now looks like they have both in Kirk Morrison). I think he is the player the Jaguars missed the most in 2009. If the relationship between him and the head coach would be irreversible; I would gave an even worst note then this. Grade for letting him gone: C-