Previewing the ’10 Jaguars roster – The secondary

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Reggie Nelson has become a walking joke based on his 2009 season. I don’t want to be mean, but there are very few bright spots to discuss for him from last year. We all remember the awfull tackles against the Titans and the Colts (2nd game both – Dallas Clark for example could do what he wanted against him; including scoring 2 TDs; which was the key for the Indianapolis victory). He moved once to CB (2nd Titans game- total disaster). And as I said the “just guys” members ALL interecepted at least 1 pass. Anthony Smith; who was with the team with 8 games have 2. Reggie? Well he had no picks last year. Dispite all of that, Gene Smith wants to give Reggie one very last chance to prove his rookie season in 2007 was not a fluke (he had 5 interceptions; and made the all-rookie team too). Other than the 4 players I mentioned, the Jaguars have on the roster Courtney Greene and Whitehead; the UDFA rookie. I expect one of them will make the PS; the other might end up being cut.  Now I give some reason to hope. In Reggie’s only good season, 2007, there was something which hasn’t existed lately; but can –and I think will- return in 2010, a passrush! In 2007 the sack total was the last time the Jaguars had more than 30 (31 to be exact). I expect that number to be the minimum goal for the front 7 to achive. I actually see potentials in them which can lead to even more than that. If that happens, that will have an immediate effect on the whole secondary, including the safties. If the opposing QB is under pressure, the secondary has more chance to defend the pass or in best case scenario intercept him. That’s why the front 7; and the passrusher’s role is such a big key for the defense and especially for the secondary. With a much better passrush, the secondary might have more chance to solve a big problem lately… the TE coverage. I wrote some words in the LB article about the Jaguars trying to solve this problem; -with no success- using LB to help cover the  TEs. I think the TE coverage will be a huge problem still; but with an improved passrush; the effect of that can be limited.