Previewing the ’10 Jaguars roster – The secondary

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Zoltan Paksa here, continuing our preview of the 2010 Jaguars roster; with the area that is by far the biggest concern of the 2010 season: the secondary.

Rashean Mathis; Source: Yardbarker

At cornerback I maybe can say the Jaguars are looking good, although I have concerns in that position.  But at safety? Oh; the safety position is where the Jaguars have a big big hole. So let’s take a deep look at the defensive backfield of the ’10 Jaguars and see where we stand.

 Let’s start at cornerback. At least the Jaguars have 2 returning starters; Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox.  Before I go any further, I must express my concerns already, right in the best part of the secondary… I have concerns that Rashean too often suffers from injury, and let’s face it, he was not a premium corner in ’09. Yes, he showed flashes such as intercepting Mark Sanchez’s pass while the Jets QB attempted his first throw in New York, but I also remember how bad he was torched against the Seahawks in Seattle. Maybe it is age; maybe he had just a bad year; we will find out. By the way before leaving to cover Chicago sports for ESPN, Michael C Wright said Rashean wants a new contract, although he has a contract until 2012. Keep this informations in your mind. Derek Cox performed OK in his rookie year. He lead the team with 4 interceptions (including 1 from his very first on field appearance and first defensive drive of 2009, picking off Peyton Manning). He finshed the year with 72 tackles, but he was targeted often by the opponent OCs; until Mathis was healthy and the receivers almost every time made the catch against him. A lot of tackles equals a lot of completions too! But at least Derek made the tackles every time. (I have a few words later in this article for someone who failed to even do that…). But coming from William&Mary; (plus with the pressure that he was drafted by trading away this years 2nd round pick) he is considered by a good player leaguewide. But he must step forward again and improve this year!


Source: Yardbarker. Derek denies Crabtree (loved it!)