Previewing the ’10 Jaguars roster – The secondary

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I think with Don Carey the Jaguars have a nickelcorner this year.  Don Carey will draw attention this year after the way Gene Smith claimed him from Cleveland.


Don Carey. Source: Yardbarker

I hope he will fulfill the expectations and show us why Gene risked that move to get him as a Jaguars player. However, we have not seen much of his ability yet, so that is a big question mark. The Jaguars do have Tyron Brackendridge, who started at CB when Mathis was injured. He is a backup corner and he proved that, put him in for couple of downs but don’t expect big things from him. The other CB on the Jaguars roster is Scott Starks. A great guy who sometimes shows flashes but he ended up on IR last year, again. In training camp he will be fighting for a roster spot. I think William Middelton has a chance to make the roster, although his place is more because he is a very good ST player instead of a very good corner. The Jaguars have 4 more CBs at the roster: Michael Coe; Chris Hawkins; Josh Gordy; and Scotty McGee. Michael Coe might have a shot; but I think the first 3 guys just potential practice squad guys. McGee will not see any action as corner I guess- he will be a punt returner only.