Previewing the ’10 Jaguars roster – The defensive line

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All of sudden the Jaguars look thin again at the position. I expect some FA move here because obviously 4 DT will not make it for the season,   I have another concern with Attiyah Ellison. I think Montavious Stanley represented more value than Ellison did. That’s just my opinion. And I have another concern… with the D’Anthony Smith.   He has basically the same position and same kind of player that Tyson Alualu is, but he will be most likely a backup. You don’t draft a backup in the 3rd round; with your second pick. Let me remind everyone that last year the 2 3rd round picks, Derek Cox; and Terrance Knighton, played and startedevery game of the season. I see only Tyson Alualu as starter from these 4 players in ’10…  I think we will see a rotation of fresh legs come in and out of the game to ensure everyone gets significant playing time.

One more thing, I mentioned it in my last article, but I must repeat it here again. I swear this draft was a preview of the upcoming new 3-4 Jaguars Defense (Alualu; Smith and Hart are more of 3-4 players; Lane played 3-4 and 4-3 as well in Murray State). Plus I think the small number of DTs indicate that switch as well- and 2 of them are maybe truly 3-4 DEs- Alualu; Smith-; 1 of them are a NT Knighton-); I think within 2 years the Jaguars will switch to that direction. In fact they can play easily 3-4 once again even this seasonin some plays; and I think they will be much more effective than it was last year. In those plays I can see Jack giving a little rest to Kampman; (and maybe for Harvey as well).

So right now my crystal ball says this is the way the Jaguars D-line will look like in 2010. As I said don’t be surprised to see at least 1 more DT signings this year. And keep an eye on Reggie Hayward as well. I hope he will make the final roster and not suffer the final day cuts like Tony Pashos and Brian Willams did last year.

Do you see it the same way? Leave a comment and tell me!

Zoltan Paksa