Previewing the ’10 Jaguars roster – The defensive line

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 Defensive Tackle:


The spotlight will be on opening day on 1 person; Tyson Alualu. He must handle that pressure and show everyone (fans; experts; media) that Gene was right about him and worth the 10th pick. Life is funny because as things can turn out; his first target might will be the man he will be compared to while he plays in Jacksonville: Tim Tebow. If he can sack him (as he did in the Senior Bowl), it would be a major thing in my opinion; and not just for him… His partner in the DT starting lineup will be Terrance Knighton. Looks like the weight issues some expected to happen are not existing at the moment. Terrance is in great shape. He must be the run stopper in the line and draw double teaming freeing up Tyson to find the gaps.

The backup DT’s right now look to be D’Anthony Smith and Attiyah Ellison and that’s it!!! No other DT’s are on the roster, not even from the UDFA rookies,  there are no other DT!