I don't know why Jaguar fans are not elated over Eugene Monroe. There is plenty to be ex..."/> I don't know why Jaguar fans are not elated over Eugene Monroe. There is plenty to be ex..."/>

The Truth about Eugene Monroe


I don’t know why Jaguar fans are not elated over Eugene Monroe. There is plenty to be excited about and I believe he will be someone not only Jaguar fans but the entire NFL comes to respect in very short time.  There has not been a first round draft choice in the Del Rio era that equals his outstanding ability.  Let’s look at the facts from a Pro Football Focus view.

Let’s start with the negative.  ProFootballFocus graded him out to be 53 out of 77 tackles. Among pass blockers, he was 68 out of 77, as a run blocker, he graded out to be 15 out of 77.  Well, this doesn’t sound like a reason to be euphoric, but we need to look deeper. So let’s do that.

As a pass blocker, he earned an overall score of -12.4.  His first two games as a rookie, he graded out as a -12.6. That means his entire ranking was skewed by his first two games.  Remember who he faced in game 1 and 2? How about Game 1 against Dwight Freeney which earned him a – 8.8.  The second game was against Arizona where he graded out as a -3.6.  Anyone want to be a rookie and face Mr. Freeney?  If you remove his first two game scores, he graded out as a zero meaning he was an average tackle. An average tackle grades out as 34 out of 77.  In short, Eugene Monroe improved throughout the season until San Francisco where he and every other Jaguar had a bad game.

Run blocking was even more impressive. The only bad game was against SanFran again. Take that game away and he was a top ten quality run blocking tackle.

This is Eugene and Marcedes sealing off the left side.  If there is anything everyone gives Eugene credit for it is his footwork and balance. He is simply a very gifted athlete is an absolutely huge body. He uses his leverage very well and is almost never off balance.

This is why the Jaguars learned to run to the left.

Eugene got better and better as a pass blocker and I believe the line had not learned how to work as a unit in 2009. As soon as they have anothe season together then David will have better and better protection.

This is what you want your left tackle to look like in pass blocking. Someone is about to see stars.

Eugene in his first year more than stood up to what a first round draft choice should be. Andy Heck said that Eugene is already a good pass blocker and it is his run blocking that needs work.  My point is the line needs to work together better and that Eugene Monroe will get even better in his second year.  The NFL is full of great left tackles, Joe Thomas and Jake Long come to mind, so he may not make the pro bowl. He will, in my opinion, not be much different than those two after season two is over.

I am begining to sense Gene Smith’s mind. I believe he sees the making of a very good offensive line and will not be suprised if this draft delivers another quality lineman. I expect him to draft a tackle that will convert to a strong pass blocking guard. When that happens, watch the scoreboard light up. We will assume that the receivers have developed. In truth, it will be the line that allows the time to show off the receivers we have. That line will have a strong leader by example, Eugene Monroe.

– Terry O’Brien