AFC South Breakdown: Week 7


(Jeanne Alexis writes for Black & Teal, which is FSB’s Jacksonville Jaguars blog. Representing the rest of the AFC South are Naptown’s FinestTitan Sized and Toro Times.)

The Titans continue their dominance of the league with their sixth win of the season, remaining the only undefeated team in the NFL. No one is surprised that they steamrolled the Kansas City Chiefs. However, it does beg the question… when will the Titans meet the hands of defeat? Next week they take on a 3-3 Indianapolis Colts at home for an exciting Monday Night matchup. This could be the game that they falter or it could tighten their grip on the AFC South. At this point, the Titans have claimed the division. The Colts and Jaguars can only strive for the wildcard spot as the Texans struggle for .500.

Houston Texans (2-4)

Looking back: Is anyone really shocked that the Texans beat Detriot? I know I am not. I think the most surprising thing was the score and the hint that the Texans desperately tried to give away the game again in the fourth quarter. Detriot scored 11 points in the fourth quarter after the Texans were up 28-10. They almost blew a three touchdown lead. You can’t keep doing that, Houston. It is going to make your fans ill.

Looking forward: The Texans have been close to wins against good teams all season. It is no surprise that they finally winning against lower tier teams. Unfortunately, Houston started rough and it is going to be hard for them to dig themselves out of the hole they are in. Getting close to 30 points a game is going to help them, though. They just need to figure out a way to keep the other teams from scoring close to that many points as well.

Indianapolis Colts (3-3)

Looking back: Well, the Colts looking convincing against Baltimore. Unfortunate for Colts fans, that look didn’t transfer so well in Green Bay. The Colts only scored two touchdowns all game which were completely cancelled out by two interceptions returned for touchdowns. I am not sure why the Colts are struggling the way they are. When they caught the injury bug last year they made it through and still won the division. What is different this year?

Looking forward: The Colts are taking on a completely overwhelming Titans team next Monday night. It promises to be an amazing game between two division rivals. The Colts could give the Titans their first loss and raise their ability to enter as a wildcard contender. However, the Colts are shaky. One dominating win followed by a very convincing defeat does not inspire confidence. To add to the struggle, the game is away and the Colts still haven’t figured out how to stop the run.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

Looking back: The Jaguars had a much needed bye week during week seven.

Looking forward: There’s a lot to be optimistic about if you’re a Jaguar fan. Offensive line men are expected to be back. Reggie Nelson is expect to be back. A lot of the tougher games are behind them. Next week they take on a confusing Cleveland Browns. I say confusing because I don’t know what to make of them. Derrick Anderson doesn’t have great stats from last game but despite that they almost won. They missed going into overtime with the Washington Redskins by a missed field goal. I don’t think they stand a chance against the Jaguars. Their rush defense is ranked 27th in the league and the Jaguars are getting back two starting offensive linemen who can actually, you know, block for Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

Tennessee Titans (6-0)

Looking back: The one negative thing you can say about the Titans is that they allowed the Chiefs to get 10 points. That is about it. They raked up a crazy amount of yards rushing and make the Chiefs defense look silly. Chris Johnson and LenDale White combined for a total of 317 yards. My god. Though… is anyone surprised? Because you shouldn’t be. You really, really shouldn’t be.

Looking forward: I can’t wait for this upcoming Monday night game because I really don’t know what to expect. Well. I do. Sort of. I fully expect the Titans to get personal with the Peyton Manning and to run down the Colt’s throats. However, I really want the Colts to surprise me because everyone loves an upset. If anyone can pull an upset off like that, it is the Colts. Even if it won’t really affect the division standings at all.