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AFC South Breakdown: Week 6


(Jeanne Alexis writes for Black & Teal, which is FSB’s Jacksonville Jaguars blog. Representing the rest of the AFC South are Naptown’s FinestTitan Sized and Toro Times.)

Is week six really down in the books already? A lot of teams are still trying to find their footing. Some of them did this week in surprising upsets and last minute scores. In fact, one of those teams resides in the AFC South (like the transition I did there?). The Texans have come so close in the last three weeks against tough divisional foes. The Miami Dolphins and their wildcat formation were no match for the Texans’ drive to get a much deserved win.

Though the AFC South played (and won) while the Titans were away, it didn’t change hands in the division at all. All that can be said is that the Jaguars and Colts didn’t lose any traction in their pursuit of the Titans. At least things are kept interesting. If there’s anything you want as a football fan, it is a little drama in the standings to make things exciting.

Houston Texans (1-4)

Looking back: The Texans were due for a win. They lost the Jaguar game because of the luck of the coin toss. They lost the Colts game because of the luck of starting a quarterback named ‘Sage’. I said last week, “You know, now that I think about it, that will probably be a much better game than most people would expect.” I am glad they delivered. I never would have thought at the start of this season I would find myself saying, “Ugh, why aren’t we getting the Texans/Miami game?” Then again, that is how this season has been, hasn’t it? You find yourself saying things that seem almost foreign. Things like, “They will be better when Matt Schaub gets back in there.”

Looking forward: Next week the Texans take on the Lions. Both teams are fighting to not be at the bottom of the pack. If the Texans can beat a resurgent Dolphins team with a “secret” weapon (curse you Wild Cat) with Schaub down nine pounds, I think they can take an already defeated Detroit Lions. It is okay, Detroit. You’re rebuilding. This season isn’t a bust with Matt Millen on the streets.

Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

Looking back: I think some one forgot to tell both the Colts and the Ravens that we are in the 2008 season and not 2007. Both teams we playing like they did last year. What does that mean? Well, the Colts looked dominating against the Ravens hailed defense in a 31-3 victory. Was this game a fluke for both teams or are they really returning to old form? It is too early to tell.

Looking forward: Next week the Colts take on Green Bay on the road. This is a really tough game to call. The Packers didn’t have a very convincing win against a struggling Seattle Seahawks and they have been kind of shaky all year. The Colts definitely looked like they had a spark of the Colts we all respect and fear. If the Colts win this game, I think it is safe to say they are a major contender for one of the AFC’s wild card spots.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)

Looking back: The Jaguars took on the Broncos in Denver for a game even I wasn’t confident about them winning. Well, it was the most convincing win the Jags have had all year. The most important play of the game was a play that didn’t even count: David Garrard’s bomb to Troy Williamson that got called back on a hold. It showed that Garrard does have the arm strength and accuracy to throw that deep threat. This is good news for the Jaguars because if Garrard can keep defenses guessing, teams won’t stack against the run and more can get done on the offense.

Looking forward: The Jaguars are sitting in a good spot with a win in Denver. While they are technically third in the division going into the bye, they have a chance for a nice winning streak once they come back. They take on Cleveland, Cincinnati and Detroit before a vengeance game with the Titans at home. It should be an exciting upcoming weeks for Jags fans as important players come back from their injuries.

Tennessee Titans (5-0)

Looking back: The Titans were on a bye. They successfully got through the weekend without any shenanigans popping in the news. That sounds like a good bye week for a team that used to host Adam Jones.

Looking forward:  The Titans take on the Kansas City Chiefs next week. I highly doubt that the Chiefs will play spoiler here but you can never count anyone out. Who picked the Rams to beat the Redskins? If you say you did, I will call you a liar.