Crafting Up The NFL


Believe it or not, I am a lady. Despite my high intake of football and general love of sports and video games, I still have overwhelmingly girly impulses. I love to bake and I am quite crafty if I do say so myself. It would only make sense that these passions would combine together in the creases of my brain to attack hard when I’m bored on a stormy Florida afternoon.

Behold, the product of boredom, fabric paint and a Target t-shirt (excuse the shoddy camera phone pictures):

How did I get there?

I picked up some fabric paint from a crafts store, took one of my many, cheap black t-shirts I picked up from Target and grabbed my Jaguar pawprint magnet off the back of my car:

Then I made a copy:

And then I cut out the grey areas to make a stencil:

NOTE: Make sure you put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the fabric paint doesn’t seep through.

Now comes the fun part. Take your paint, paint brush and start painting in the parts you cut out.

The finished product should look like this:

Take off the stencil and… tada!

Pictured with nerdy Doctor Who DVD set to show size.

This project cost, in total, less than ten dollars. The shirt was about 5, the fabric paint was a dollar and the brush was 3 dollars. I already had the magnet but you can make a stencil from something you find online. I am resisting the overwhelming urge to self promote myself by putting “Black & Teal” on the back but I am pretty sure that would be lame lame lame (probably).

You can do this with any team. Actually, any of the other cat teams (Bangles, Panthers) could use the paw print as well and just paint it with their team colors (use a black shirt and an orange paw print, for example). It is fun because it is fully customisable. You can put the stencil anywhere on the shirt. I chose putting it over my heart because I am a big sap.

There is a certain amount if difficulty involved with other logos, however. If you use more than one color you have to cut in layers and I am just waaaaay too lazy for that. This place is absolutely awesome for all things stencils.

I know I hear some of you guys complaining that your ladyfriends don’t enjoy football. Maybe they don’t. That’s cool. But a lot of girls do have this crazy craft streak in them and if you introduce them to this idea they probably would enjoy making you something. Just remember, if they go through the trouble you DO have to wear it.