This is the game that can set the tone for the 2023 Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going for a big year in 2023. There is an outside chance that they can be in the Super Bowl.

If they improve on their 2022 season, that should really be the goal. With a quarterback like Trevor Lawrence in the mix along with all the weapons that he now has, it isn't the most crazy thought of all time.

The Jaguars open the season against the Indianapolis Colts. Most people will expect the Jaguars to win that game and rightfully so. However, they will begin their quest to win the AFC in week two when they face off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course, the Chiefs were the team that eliminated the Jags in the second round of the playoffs. Eventually, the Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2.

This time, the Chiefs will be visiting Jacksonville for the matchup. That is a game that will set the tone for the rest of the season. If the Jaguars can win that game, there will be folks that believe that they can beat anybody.

Even if they lose a close battle to the team that has Patrick Mahomes under center, people will take note that the Jaguars are close with the Chiefs. They should already feel that way after the way the season ended last year.

Mahomes is considered to be the best quarterback in the world. That is an accurate statement. However, there is no reason to discount the abilities of Trevor Lawrence as well.

A 2-0 start should propel the Jags to a very good season. They have a first-place schedule but they earned that challenge. If they can beat the Chiefs, they can certainly beat the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Baltimore Ravens.

That doesn't mean they will but we all know that the AFC is loaded with lots of great teams. As far as this game vs Kansas City, the offense of the Jaguars should be able to score their points. It is going to be on the defense to do their jobs. It should be an incredibly fun game to watch.

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