The Jacksonville Jaguars should swoop in and sign Justin Houston

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team with a great offense looking to improve their game on defense. They weren't as reliable on that side of the ball in 2022 and that proved to be the difference.

If they want to go from a playoff contender to a Super Bowl contender, the defense needs to be league-average at a minimum.

Someone that can help them with that is Justin Houston. The Jaguars should swoop in and sign him for the 2023 season. Plenty of people believe that he is going to be resigning with the Baltimore Ravens but the Jaguars could make this happen if they try hard enough.

The fact that he isn't signed makes it clear that other options besides the Ravens could be there for Houston. If he was so set on only playing there, he'd likely already be signed.

The Jacksonville Jaguars could use some more help on defense.

With some of the young studs that the Jaguars have on defense, adding a good veteran like Houston would go a long way. He could help this young unit grow into something good.

At 34 years old, he is on the back nine of his career but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have tons to still give to this league. It could even be more about his wisdom than his play at this point too, although he did have 9.5 sacks last season which led the Ravens.

He can be a linebacker but it is probably best to have him as an edge rusher. The Jaguars need to be better at getting to the quarterback so adding someone like Houston would really help them.

The Jaguars were one of the league's laughing stocks for a long time and now it is time to change that narrative. Making it to the playoffs for the second year in a row would go a long way.

Taking risks and bringing in as many good players as possible is a great step toward doing that. Adding Justin Houston doesn't make your team worse by any means. The Jaguars should try and get him to Jacksonville instead of going back to Baltimore.

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