10 biggest What Ifs in Jacksonville Jaguars history

As the 2023 regular season draws nigh, a look back at the franchise's story up to now may give some insight as to what to expect moving forward.
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No. 4 biggest "What If" in Jaguars history: Drafting Leonard Fournette

2017 stands out in Jaguar fans' memories for more reasons than just "Myles Jack Wasn't Down." Fans can also vividly recall the 2017 draft when the Jags used the No. 4 overall draft pick on Leonard Fournette.

It's still unclear who, inside the building, wanted to use a top five pick on a running back. It could have been Tom Coughlin, who upon his return to the franchise, was determined to instill a sense of toughness and competitiveness to the franchise. Coughlin had a history of loving big bruising backs, and Fournette seemed to fit the bill.

With the subsequent season's success, it was easy to see the reasoning behind the pick. The team extended Blake Bortles' contract, and they charged headlong into 2018, expecting to become a Super Bowl contender.

However, after 2017, the team disintegrated quickly. Fournette was ultimately waived after only three seasons, and the team was in shambles.

Looking back, it's painful to realize the team passed on Patrick Mahomes in favor of Leonard Fournette in the draft. At the time, they were still committed to Blake Bortles. But, even then, numerous fans knew Bortles didn't have the stuff to be an elite quarterback.

Had the Jaguars taken Mahomes instead of Fournette, they may have been just as good in 2017. But, even if they weren't, they likely would have been in incalculably better shape in 2018 through 2022.