10 biggest What Ifs in Jacksonville Jaguars history

As the 2023 regular season draws nigh, a look back at the franchise's story up to now may give some insight as to what to expect moving forward.
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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No. 1 biggest "What If" in Jaguars history: The Jags win the Super Bowl in 2023

The above list entails a lot of suffering for Jaguars fans. It's been a long road.

But, maybe it's been necessary.

Every event leads to another. Every domino that falls causes another domino to fall, and without the events of the Jaguars' past, it's possible they wouldn't be where they are today. Perhaps there is no other road that could have led them to 2023.

If the Jags hadn't endured such heartache after early success under Coughlin, perhaps the fanbase would just take winning for granted and wouldn't appreciate how hard it is to sustain success in the NFL.

If the Jags hadn't hired Urban Meyer, then maybe whoever else they got would have been adequate enough to not get fired, thus keeping his job through last year, and eliminating the possibility of having Doug Pederson as head coach.

If Shad Khan had caved to pressure to fire Trent Baalke, maybe they don't have two stellar drafts.

As bad as the past has been, the Jaguars are poised to have a great season in 2023. Every football fan in the city can feel it. There are a ton of "what-ifs" that could have gone this way or that. But, "if" the Jaguars are able to put together a dominant season in 2023 following the magic that was 2022, will it have all been worth it?

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