Same 'ol situation: 2023 Jacksonville Jaguars are trending toward disappointment

The Jaguars prove yet again why it's impossible to get your hopes up for this team.

Blake Bortles, another Jaguar draft bust
Blake Bortles, another Jaguar draft bust / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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It was always the Jags? More like this has always been the Jaguars

They have been so wrong about so many head coaches. Urban Meyer, Doug Marrone, Mike Mularkey, Gus Bradley. Doug Pederson could be next on the list if he doesn't right the ship. His team lacks focus and discipline right now.

On top of that, the Jaguars have been so wrong on so many personnel decisions over the years: Letting right tackle Jawaan Taylor walk and low-balling defensive end Arden Key in the offseason came to mind. Rolling with Blake Bortles when he clearly wasn't the guy is another one. Then, there's the firing Coughlin all those years ago, only to bring him back when the game had already passed him by, running Maurice Jones-Drew into the ground.

I could go on forever. But the point is that given the Jaguars track record, the loss to the Texans and the early season malaise should come as no surprise. "It was always the Jaguars!" Pffft! "This has always been the Jaguars," is more like it.

I am a life-long New York Jets and Mets fan so resignation is in my DNA. Lose the best closer in the league to an injury caused by celebrating. *SIGH. Trade Verlander and Scherzer at the deadline. Meh. Aaron Rodgers goes down on the fourth play of the season. Typical. But for the new generation of faithful Jaguar fans who are not as jaded as I, it seems the Texans put a dagger deep in the heart of your hopes and dreams. Better get used to it.

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