Trevor Lawrence makes wise decision, declines Netflix's "Quarterback" Series

• Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence got an invite to appear on a Netflix show

• He's got other things to focus on right now

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp / James Gilbert/GettyImages

Trevor Lawrence, the talented quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has made headlines once again. This time, it's not for his performance on the field but for turning down an opportunity to be featured on the popular Netflix show "Quarterback."

The series, which provides an intimate look into the lives of NFL players, has gained significant attention, and Lawrence's decision to decline has sparked curiosity among fans and media alike.

The Netflix Show "Quarterback"

"Quarterback" is a documentary-style series on Netflix that follows the lives of prominent NFL quarterbacks, both on and off the field—the first season featured Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota, giving viewers an unprecedented glimpse into their daily lives, challenges, and triumphs.

The show has been praised for its authenticity and behind-the-scenes access, making it a highly sought-after opportunity for NFL players.

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence's Decision to Decline

During a press conference at the end of Day 10 of practice, Lawrence revealed that he had been approached to participate in the upcoming season of "Quarterback." However, he ultimately decided to decline the offer, stating that it was simply not the right time for him. Lawrence expressed openness to the possibility of being featured in the future, but for now, his focus remains on his team and his development as a player.

"I decided not to do it this year, but that's just something where I feel like it's just not the right time for me. Who knows, maybe in the future," Trevor Lawrence said.

Lawrence's decision is understandable, considering the potential distractions and invasion of privacy that come with being featured on a prominent show like "Quarterback." As he continues to establish himself as a leader for the Jaguars and navigate the pressures of the NFL, Lawrence is prioritizing his growth and his team's success.

Trevor Lawrence's Progression in Jaguars Training Camp

While Lawrence may have turned down the opportunity to be on "Quarterback," he has been making headlines for his impressive performance during training camp. In a recent practice, he showcased his growth and command of the offense by delivering a remarkable touchdown pass to Zay Jones. This display of skill and confidence is a testament to Lawrence's development in his second year under the Jaguars' system.

"When you come out for your second camp in this system, you can lean on some [things]. You can go back to the week, whatever, last year. I remember checking this play against this coverage. The call comes up again, and you see the same thing, 'Alright, remember when we did this, and you can get to it quick."

Trevor Lawrence, via Florida Times-Union

Lawrence's ability to recall and apply past experiences on the field demonstrates his growing knowledge and understanding of the game. He credits his improved decision-making and quick thinking to his familiarity with the offensive system and the chemistry he has developed with his teammates.

Lawrence's Confidence in the Jaguars' Offense

As the preseason games approach, Lawrence expresses satisfaction with the progress of the Jaguars' offense. He believes that the team is playing at a high tempo, and his decision-making has been noticeably quicker compared to previous years in training camp. Lawrence's confidence in his teammates and ability to read different defensive looks have allowed him to make the right choices and execute plays effectively.

""I think we're playing fast. I feel like my decision-making has been much quicker than in years past, especially at this point in training camp. Just the confidence in my guys, knowing what they're going to do versus different looks and also being able to get to the right play for me, for us, for what we want to do." "

These insights from Lawrence provide a glimpse into the growth and development of the young quarterback and the Jaguars' offense. With Lawrence at the helm, the team appears poised for a successful season, aiming to contend for the AFC South title again.

Trevor Lawrence is not the only quarterback who has declined the opportunity to be on the next season of "Quarterback." Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles and Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears have also turned down the offer. These young quarterbacks, like Lawrence, seem to prioritize their focus on the upcoming season and avoiding potential distractions

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