Jaguars put the NFL on notice, Issue new script after 3-game winning streak: IWATJ

Rodger Goodells plan to hinder the Jaguars in backfiring
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars / Sam Greenwood/GettyImages

A lot has been happening in Duval since the Jacksonville Jaguars were upset by the Houston Texans in Week 3. It's a different team with a different mentality. The Jags are establishing this 2023 team as a viable Super Bowl contender, but it feels like the NFL is working full-time against them. 

The Jags have been on a rollercoaster ride in the 2023 NFL season, and Rodger Goodell is the maniac at the switch. In just six weeks of play, the NFL has thrown biased and suspect referee squads at the Jags and scheduled four games in 19 days with back-to-back international games. The first time any team has played two consecutive international games in NFL history.

Yet the Jaguars stand firm; after winning back-to-back games in London against the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills, they returned to face and defeat the AFC division-leading Indianapolis Colts. However, their success came at a cost, as they now face a short week with a Thursday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints.

As Jags fans, we are incredibly grateful for a prime-time game. Beggers can't be choosers, but is it too much to ask for a little of that NFL team privilege the Cheifs, Cowboys, and Patriots get? Maybe a bye week in the chaos?

Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence's Injury and Uncertain Status

As if the Jaguars haven't overcome enough this season, their latest and biggest concern for the Jaguars is the injury to quarterback Trevor Lawrence. In Week 6 against the Colts, Lawrence hurt his knee late in the fourth quarter, up by three scores with nothing left on the clock but the kneel-downs. He is currently labeled as day-to-day. There is a possibility that he may not suit up for the Thursday night game against the Saints. If Lawrence cannot play, backup quarterback C.J. Beathard will be the starter.

Head coach Doug Pederson provided an update on Lawrence's injury, stating that he feels better but still sore. The team will monitor his progress leading up to the game. If Lawrence cannot start, the Jaguars have confidence in Beathard's ability to lead the team.

Potential Absence of Tyson Campbell and Brandon Scherff

Aside from Lawrence, the Jaguars also deal with the potential absence of cornerback Tyson Campbell and right guard Brandon Scherff. Campbell suffered a hamstring injury, and there is a strong chance he won't be able to suit up for the game against the Saints. Hamstring injuries can be tricky, and the team wants to ensure Campbell's total recovery before putting him back on the field.

Scherff, on the other hand, is day-to-day with an ankle injury. Although the Pro Bowl guard's status is uncertain, the Jaguars have options to fill his position, including Ben Bartch and Cole Van Lanen. Regardless of who starts at right tackle against the Saints, head coach Pederson expressed confidence in the team's ability to adapt and perform without key players.

Head coach Pederson acknowledged the challenges of the schedule but expressed confidence in the team's resilience. He praised the players' efforts and emphasized the importance of their energy and preparation. The Jaguars must leverage their depth and coaching strategies to navigate this demanding period successfully.

Looking Ahead: Jaguars vs. Saints on Thursday Night Football

As the Jaguars prepare to face the Saints on Thursday Night Football, they focus on overcoming injuries, utilizing their offensive weapons effectively, and maintaining their strong defensive performance. The potential absence of key players like Trevor Lawrence, Tyson Campbell, and Brandon Scherff will require the team to adapt and rely on their depth.

The Jaguars face adversity but have the depth and talent to overcome it. The focus is on executing our game plan and coming out with a win against the Saints. 

A fourth win in New Orleans would be the ultimate slap to the NFL and shows the Jaguars are flipping the script despite Goodell's plot plan. Spoiler Alert: It was always the Jags.

There's the new script; stay tuned for the Thursday Night Football matchup as Travis Etienne emerges as the NFL's premier RB and leads the Jaguars to their fourth straight win, solidifying their position in the AFC South standings. 


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