Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence gets first shot at the Cowboys to open preseason

Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley will lead the Jags first possession of the preseason
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are gearing up for their highly anticipated preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Head coach Doug Pederson has made it clear that he intends to give his starters, including star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, some playing time in this exhibition game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are unique in their approach to the preseason, as they are looking to invigorate their starters by having them take part in the beginning of the games, rather than the common practice of protecting them. This allows the starters to gain the experience and intensity of playing in a real football game.

Trevor Lawrence, who is entering his third season with the Jaguars, has already proven himself a formidable quarterback. With 34 regular-season starts under his belt, Lawrence has shown great potential and growth.

In his first year under coach Doug Pederson, Lawrence led the team to a Divisional Round appearance in the AFC playoffs, demonstrating his ability to perform under pressure.

Doug Pederson wants Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence to build on last year's success

Coach Doug Pederson firmly believes in the importance of starters playing during the preseason. He wants his players to feel the energy and excitement that comes with starting a football game. Last year, Pederson implemented a similar strategy with the team's starters in Week 1, and he plans to do the same this year.

In regards to Lawrence, Pederson anticipates him to play a series or two of action during the preseason opener. This limited playing time ensures that the third-year quarterback gets a taste of game action without exposing him to unnecessary risks.

Chemistry is the lifeblood of any successful offense in the NFL. Lawrence and his arsenal of offensive weapons will get to work together in a game environment, learning the timing and anticipating each other's moves when making split-second decisions. Starting the first-team offense for two possessions allows the offense to build chemistry, boosting the confidence it will take to operate at a high level, executing plays with precision and efficiency. However, it does come with a risk.

The Cowboys boast a formidable pass rush; the Jaguars' offensive line will need to be prepared to protect Lawrence and give him enough time to make his reads and deliver accurate passes. Fringe players trying to make the 53-man roster for the Cowboys will try everything to make big plays, and injuring a key Jaguar will garner them attention and notoriety.

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