Jaguars News: This is a rookie loaded 53-man roster

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions
Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made their initial 53-man roster final. They are ready for the season to begin with this roster. There are a few surprises and a few things that were totally expected

One of the things that was surprising was the total of rookies on this roster. The youth on this team could be great for them if they are trying to be young and vibrant. We’ll see. 

10 rookies are on the 53-man as of right now. 9 of them were drafted by the Jaguars which makes their scouting and developing team look really good

The rookies on this team that were drafted are all from the 2023 class. That is nine guys out of 13 draft picks playing for the team in year one

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a ton of rookies on the roster to start.

The rookies from the draft class that were cut, Raymond Vahasek, Derek Parish, and Erick Hallett II all had good preseasons but were let go because of positional needs on the roster. 

The 10th rookie that made it is Elijah Cooks who signed as an undrafted free agent. He is not hoping to become one of Trevor Lawrence’s favorite targets over the years. Clearly, he did a good enough job at training camp and in the preseason. This is good for him and the team. 

Rookies can make an impact on a team like other types of players. They bring a usefulness and vibrancy that some veterans just can’t re-create. The Jaguars are already a young team and bringing in more rookies could help bring that youthful exuberance.

Surrounding all of this youth are tons of veterans who believe they can be a Super Bowl-caliber team. With the weapons that they have an offense along with Trevor Lawrence leading the way as quarterback, they can be an elite team once again.

In 2022, the Jaguars won their division and a playoff game. So coming into 2023 they are going to be expectations. Most of the roster from last year is returning so it didn’t feel like a lot of rookies were gonna make the team out of camp.

The fact that a bunch did to join that returning core is good news.

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