Jaguars vs. Kansas City: 4 Chiefs players who can spoil Week 2

• If the Jaguars want to start a winning streak in Week 2, they'll need to contain these four players not-named Patrick Mahomes.
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs are set to face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in an exciting matchup that promises to showcase the talents of some key players. As the game approaches, fans and analysts are eager to see how these players will perform and contribute.

Duvall is buzzing for the biggest matchup of the week, will the Chiefs even their record? Will the Jaguars pull off an upset and send the defending Champs to a 0-2 start? Let's look closely at four players to watch in this highly anticipated game that will have the biggest impact on the Jaguars' chances of an upset. 

Can the Jaguars stop or at least slow down Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce was highly productive against the Jaguars in two games last year. Will the defense be up to the challenge in Week 2?

One player who will undoubtedly draw attention is Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce recently suffered a hyperextended knee injury. Although he's listed as questionable, he's been cleared to play in the upcoming game against the Jaguars. His ability to overcome this setback and perform at a high level will be crucial for the Chiefs' offensive success.

Kelce has always been integral to the Chiefs' offense throughout his career and his absence last week was the biggest reason the Chiefs lost. Known for his exceptional route-running and reliable hands, Kelce is a favorite target of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

If the two of them are healthy and hit their stride early on, they could embarrass the Jags' secondary. That said, if his knee isn't 100% this could be a good area for the Jaguars to exploit in their quest to best the Chiefs. 

How will the Jaguars' O-Line perform vs. Chiefs DT Chris Jones?

How will Jones perform in his first game back from injury? Can he make an immediate impact and help solidify the Chiefs' defense?

Another player to watch for the Chiefs is defensive tackle Chris Jones. Jones missed time in training camp and later watched the opener from a suite in his quest for a pay bump. He and Kansas City reached common ground and he's set to make his debut in Week 2. His return adds a much-needed boost to the Chiefs' defensive line and provides a disruptive force against opposing offenses.

Jones is known for his ability to penetrate the offensive line and create havoc in the backfield. His presence on the field disrupts passing plays and helps shut down the opponent's running game. The Chiefs' defense will rely on Jones to generate pressure and force mistakes from the Jaguars' offense. It’s a major disadvantage to the Jaguars for Jones to be back, but if he is rusty or off his game, they may have a chance. 

Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney vs. the Jaguars secondary

Will Toney be able to shake off his rough start and showcase his true potential? Can he become a reliable target for Patrick Mahomes?

Wide receiver Kadarius Toney is a player to keep an eye on. Toney had a disappointing debut in Week 1, failing to make a significant impact for the Chiefs offense. Dropping several big passes and killing drives as if he were rooting for the Lions.

However, the 2021 first-round pick has shown promise during training camp and preseason games, leaving fans hopeful for a bounce-back performance. Fantasy analysts are betting big on Toney getting it back together this week.

Toney's exceptional speed and agility make him a threat to break big plays down the field. The Chiefs' offense will look to get him involved early and often to take advantage of his playmaking ability and serve as a distraction for Travis Kelce. A strong performance from the Jaguars' Tyson Campbell to neutralize Toney will be essential to the upset.

Chiefs RT Jawaan Taylor vs. Jaguars OLB Josh Allen

Overcoming False Start Issues. Can Taylor put his false start issues behind him and perform at a high level against a formidable Chiefs defense? Will he be able to provide the protection Mahomes needs to succeed?

Lastly, offensive tackle Jawaan Taylor will be a player to watch for the Chiefs. Taylor had a challenging outing in Week 1, committing multiple false start penalties that stalled the Chiefs' fourth-quarterback comeback and cost them the game. With an NFL-wide crackdown on false starts against the "Jawaan Taylor footwork jumpback," it will be a huge focal point of Sunday's game

Taylor is a talented and athletic lineman who has the potential to be a vital piece of the Chiefs' offensive line. He must focus on his technique and discipline to avoid costly penalties and protect Lawrence in the pocket. Doing this against the NFL sack leader in Jacksonville's Josh Allen will be an exciting watch. 

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