Jaguars and Evan Engram reach long-term deal: Eazy Engram stays home in Jacksonville

Just one day before the deadline to get a deal done, the Jacksonville Jaguars and tight end Evan Engram agreed to a three-year deal worth $42.5 to remain in Duval.

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It's a good day in Duval as the Jacksonville Jaguars have finally inked a multi-year deal with tight end Evan Engram. Even though the Jags had tagged Engram back in March, he had not signed his tender, and it was fair to wonder whether he was going to play the 2023 season under the tag. In retrospect, the star tight end should feel good about inking a one-year deal and betting on himself last offseason.

It took him a bit but Engram managed to put it all together and lived up to his first-round hype in 2022. Playing like a hybrid WR/TE he opened up the Jaguar's offense while hauling in 73 receptions for 766 yards. Simply put, Jacksonville signed, he delivered, and the Jacksonville fans can now all breathe a sigh of relief.

The Jaguars showed Evan Engram is part of their long-term future after giving him a new deal

Engram will remain a Jaguar through the 2025 season. He and Jacksonville agreed to a three-year $42.5 million with $24 million fully guaranteed contract. And this year, he will account for an estimated $13.7 million in cap space. Rightfully, Engram rejoiced on Twitter today by tweeting, "I'm Home."

This is a terrific deal for the Jaguars; it is optimal for the team looking at making significant strides this year. Locking him up will free them from contract hold-out situations or disgruntled players' controversy in camp. They get a solid and dependable tight end entering the prime of his career and a reasonable price.

Engram will be in Jacksonville for his most productive years and allow the Jaguars to develop their second-round draft pick, tight end Brenton Strange, at a consistent, pressure-free pace. The former Penn State Nittany Lion plays a similar hybrid TE/WR style and he'll have a chance to learn behind Engram. Also, offensive coordinator Press Taylor will have one of his top players return and will look for ways to get both involved.

The pair of hybrid tight ends could be a dynamic duo for the Jaguars over the next few years. It's not difficult to think Taylor will deploy both Engram and Strange and look for mismatches that will baffle defensive coordinators and open up the field for an intimidating passing game.

The Jaguars were getting a bit concerned after passing on three sure-fire tight ends in the draft and Engram refusing to sign his franchise tender. The situation looked like a potential issue that could have changed the dynamic of the highly anticipated Jaguars season.

But on the last day before Monday's deadline for franchise tagged players to work out an extension, they got the deal done. I wonder who is smiling more tonight, Engram or Trevor Lawrence.

Either way, welcome home Evan Engram; all of Duvall is thrilled you are sticking around for a while.

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